Laser Line Width Analyzer

  • Determination of the laser line width up to < 0.5 Hz
  • Most accurate measurement of phase noise
  • Most accurate measurement of intensity noise RIN
  • Application for laser wavelengths 500 - 2100 nm

Contact person: Dr. Wolf Dieter Wagner


Based on a refined homodyne technology, the OE4000 and OE 4001 systems from OEwaves the most precise determination of the laser properties of narrow-band single frequency cw lasers. Line width, phase noise and intensity noise can be measured with high precision over a selectable offset range. There OEwaves even produces extremely narrow-band and low-noise SF lasers which are used for satellite communication or in the demanding telecommunications sector, the optical test devices have been optimized accordingly.

The large wavelength range of 500 nm – 2100 nm for which the devices are used should also be emphasized.


  • Test of Telecom DFB Diodes C-Band
  • Low-noise satellite communications – space uplinks
  • Quantum Computing – Locking noise reduction
  • High accuracy test of SF seed lasers


  • Ultra noise option < 0.2 Hz
  • High noise option 1250 Hz
  • Low optical input power range
  • Measurement of Relative Intensity Noise RIN in addition to phase noise
  • Separate RIN meter OE4001 over larger offset range

Data Sheets

OEwave's OE4000

OEwave's OE4001

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