process tomography

  • mixing operations
  • Crystallization, filtration, separation processes
  • Level measurements at diffuse interfaces
  • Multiphase flows, oil, water, gases
  • compressed air conveyance

Contact person: Wolf Wagner (Ph.D.)

New tomographic methods can be used for the online measurement and visualization of various processes in process columns, boilers or in pipelines. For this purpose, the sample container is provided with electrodes on one or more levels, or a linear sensor is inserted. The methods called ERT and ECT measure the resistance (ERT) or capacitance (ECT) between the electrodes. In this way, the distribution of different substances or phases can be made visible via differences in electrical conductivity/capacity in the measurement plane.

Industrial tomography systems ITS offers its tomography systems with various ERT and ECT sensors, which are specially adapted to the respective process technology task.

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