Fizeau interferometer

  • Fizeau interferometer for optics control
  • Determination of surface shapes, radii, wave fronts
  • Adaptable to your application
  • Wavelength: 193nm – 1.55µm (10.6µm)
  • Optics up to 600mm diameter
  • SISSource
  • short coherence

Contact person: Mr. Thomas Walter

The company's Laser Fizeau interferometers 4D Technology are available in many different sizes and variants. Almost all wavelengths from UV to far into the IR range are available (including special cases up to 10.6 µm). Measurements in areas subject to vibration are also possible thanks to special Dynamic Fizeau interferometers.

Technically, they are "phase-shifting" interferometers, in which the reference is moved in precise steps relative to the test surface. The reference is moved in small steps relative to the measured surface. These small steps are fractions of the laser wavelength, which can ultimately be converted into height differences, radii and wavefronts by hardware and software and displayed.

The industry-proven 4Sight software is used for display. This enables single measurements as well as multiple measurements of the surface which deliver extremely accurate results. The software covers all 2D and 3D evaluations required in industry, as well as distribution functions and ultimately the Zernike evaluations. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us at any time.


  • Roughness measurement on mirrors for telescopes
  • Finish for optics in the laser area
  • Checking the roughness parameters on polished sheets
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