Precision Linear Polarizers

  • Excellent surface quality
  • Wide angular acceptance
  • Low transmitted wavefront distortion
  • UV, visible and NIR wavelengths


Meadowlark Optics manufactures Precision Linear Polarizers using dichroic sheet polarizer material laminated between high quality glass substrates. For visible wavelength polarizers, this construction produces a peak-to-valley transmitted wavefront distortion of less than λ/5. Various polarizer materials are used to cover wavelengths within 320 and 2000 nm. Both visible and near infrared polarizers are supplied with a high-efficiency, broadband antireflection (AR) coating; single-layer AR coatings are optional on our ultraviolet polarizers. Both mounted and unmounted Precision Linear Polarizers are offered as standard products. To facilitate use, our Precision Linear Polarizers have the transmission axis marked on the part.
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