Dichroic Circular Polarizers

  • High isolation
  • Large diameters available
  • Low transmitted wavefront distortion


Meadowlark Optics Dichroic Circular Polarizers consist of a dichroic linear polarizer and true zero-order quarterwave retarder. Precisely aligning the retarder fast axis at 45° to the linear polarization direction ensures optimum performance.
True zero-order retarders are used in the assembly of our Dichroic Circular Polarizers and tight retardance tolerances contribute to the final performance. Once aligned, both polarizer and retarder materials are laminated between optically flat substrates, providing a peak-to-valley transmitted wavefront distortion of less than λ/5. Anti-reflection coated windows ensure surface reflection losses are minimized.
Achievement of the desired polarization effect requires proper orientation of your Dichroic Circular Polarizer; be sure to position the indicator marking in the direction of beam propagation. Our standard Dichroic Circular Polarizers are designed for single wavelength applications. Achromatic versions are also available on a custom basis.


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Dichroic Circular Polarizers

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