PICAS - Optics for Laser Cooling

  • Robust
  • Fiber coupled
  • Integrated Source Cell
  • Available with rubidium or cesium

Contact person: Wolf Wagner (Ph.D.)

Normally, when manufacturing BECs, users have to direct the laser radiation required for cooling into the BEC cell themselves. This is usually done via an optical structure, which must first be designed and adapted.

To make it easier for users, Inflection (formerly ColdQuanta) has designed an optical unit with which the user can quickly and reliably direct the required laser radiation into the cell without having to build their own. The PICA called system, is a compact integrated optics unit, through which the laser radiation can be coupled with the help of fiber adapters. Both the beam splitting and the focusing into the 2D-MOT cell of Inflection takes over that PICA Module.

data sheet

PICAS Data Sheet 190522_sol

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