Magneto-optical trap – desktop version

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  • Desktop system
  • Ready to start immediately
  • Easy to expand
  • Robust system

Contact person: Wolf Wagner (Ph.D.)

The magneto-optical trap made by Inflection (formerly ColdQuanta) was developed for research groups working on cold atoms. This makes the production of ultracold atoms easy without having to invest in the necessary high vacuum technology.

The desktopMOT is a complete system including a laser for generating cold atoms. It was designed for teaching and includes a Teaching Curriculum with a description of the physical principles and experiments on quantum optics. Atomic clouds and their manipulation can be seen in the two live videos.

The desqtopMOT provides a self-contained platform that can be upgraded over time. Its modular design and operation offers improved accessibility and is aimed at users in academic environments and development. The desqtopMOT can be easily integrated into corporate research and development laboratories, and can act as a central toolbox for quantum research and the development of quantum sensing applications.

Video 1

Video 2

data sheet


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