Mid band OPO

  • Spectroscopy
  • Photoacoustic Imaging
  • Gas sensing
  • Pump and sample

Contact person: Wolf Wagner (Ph.D.)


The fully integrated Horizon OPO System from Amplitude-Continuum can be pumped with various well-known Surelite or Powerlite Nd:YAG lasers at 355 nm with pump energies of up to 385 mJ. The signal wave ranges from 400 - 710 nm and the idle wave from 710 - 2750 nm.

Depending on the pump laser used, the maximum signal wave of the Horizon can reach up to 135 mJ. The line width of the signal wave is typically 3-9 cm-1

With the integrated option SHG/SFG, the wavelength range can be extended to 192 – 400 nm, here the line widths are < 10 cm-1.

It is operated via high-precision motors via PC. This ensures high stability and good reproducibility of the wavelengths. About the high beam quality of the well-known continuum The good output beam quality of the Horizon is also determined by the pump laser, as well as safe operation.

Wavelength tunable


Repetition rate


Pulse energy

135 mJ

Pulse duration

3 - 7 ns

line width

3 – 9 cm-1


  • Various Surelite and Powerlite Nd:YAG lasers are available for pumping at 355 nm
  • Specified pulse energies depend on the pump laser used
  • Precise automation of tuning via PC
Specifications at 355 nm Range: 400-2750nm Range: 192-400nm
Refresh rate (Hz) 10 10
Pulse energy peak (mJ) 20 – 135 3 – 27
Line width signal (cm-1) 3 – 9 10 – 13
Pulse duration (ns) 3 – 7 3 – 7


  • Spectroscopy
  • Photoacoustic Imaging
  • Pump and sample
  • Fluorescence excitation


  • Optical pumping at 355 nm with various Surelite or Powerlite pump lasers
  • Extended tuning 192-400 nm through doubling/mixing
  • Option to decouple residual light at 532 nm
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