M-Trace – mobile LIBS spectrometer

  • All-in-One - No additional devices required.
  • User-friendly - Easy operation with wireless industrial tablet.
  • Safe - No additional protection required (laser class 1).
  • Portable - Weight only up to 30kg.
  • Fast 3D chemical mapping - No sample preparation required.
  • Vacuum and gas purge (He, Ar, etc.) supported.
  • On Site – Replaceable batteries and power cords.

Contact: Thomas Walter

M-Trace is a mobile device with a simple and user-friendly operation for fast on-site elemental analysis by LIBS. Even in a harsh environment typical of mining, geology, archaeology, etc., M-Trace is able to provide you with fast elemental analysis - right on site!

No more waiting for lab results. With M-Trace you have your own laboratory wherever you need it. Simply pull out of the trunk, activate and analyze.

What is LIBS

LIBS is a modern analysis technique that uses a laser pulse to quickly determine the chemical composition of the sample. It is an effective combination of laser ablation and emission spectroscopy.

Benefits of LIBS

  • Fast determination of the elemental composition
  • High resolution 2D chemical mapping, visualization of surface heterogeneity
  • Depth profiling of multi-layer materials
  • Visibility of light elements


data sheet

M-Trace data sheet

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