M-Trace – mobile LIBS spectrometer


  • All-in-One - No additional devices required.
  • User-friendly - Easy operation with wireless industrial tablet.
  • Safe - No additional protection required (laser class 1).
  • Portable - Weight only up to 30kg.
  • Fast 3D chemical mapping - No sample preparation required.
  • Vacuum and gas purge (He, Ar, etc.) supported.
  • On Site – Replaceable batteries and power cords.

Contact: Thomas Walter

The M-Trace is a mobile and user-friendly device for rapid elemental analysis using Laser-Induced Plasma Spectroscopy (LIBS). It not only delivers fast results, but also enables high-resolution 2D elemental distributions and depth profiles of multilayer materials.

Thanks to its ease of use and the ability to analyze samples without complex preparation, the M-Trace is also ideal for use on site – be it in mining, geology, archaeology or other demanding environments.

The M-Trace is not only easy to transport, but also robust and independent of external power sources. It thus offers its own mobile laboratory for fast and reliable elemental analysis wherever it is needed.

In addition, users can extend the functionality of the M-Trace and adapt it to their specific needs using various sample holders and optional gas modules.

Long waiting times for laboratory results are now a thing of the past. Instead, users benefit from fast and efficient elemental analysis directly on site, which saves time and resources and enables informed decisions.

What is LIBS

LIBS is a modern analysis technique that uses a laser pulse to quickly determine the chemical composition of the sample. It is an effective combination of laser ablation and emission spectroscopy.

Benefits of LIBS

  • Fast determination of the elemental composition
  • High resolution 2D chemical mapping, visualization of surface heterogeneity
  • Depth profiling of multi-layer materials
  • Visibility of light elements


data sheet

M-Trace data sheet

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