AC-DDG-4 Digital Delay Generator

  • up to four output triggers with 3.3V and 5V
    • à pulse lengths 100ns – 1000S
    • à Delay: 0 – 1000s
  • Determination of delays

  • Adaptable to your application

  • available as aluminum version or Eurocard

  • Programming languages: C++, C#, Java, LabView and much more.

Contact: Thomas Walter

With the Digital Delay Generator, AtomTrace offers you one of the core components that every LIBS system requires.

The DDG was developed specifically for LIBS systems and offers an excellent price-performance ratio. This enables precise delays for your trigger, sync, delay and gating events.

The basic version has 4 trigger outputs, which allows you to receive extensive information about the different combinations of your application.

What is LIBS

LIBS is a modern analysis technique that uses a laser pulse to quickly determine the chemical composition of the sample. It is an effective combination of laser ablation and emission spectroscopy.

Benefits of LIBS

  • Fast determination of the elemental composition
  • High resolution 2D chemical mapping, visualization of surface heterogeneity
  • Depth profiling of multi-layer materials
  • Visibility of light elements


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