Sci-Trace LIBS spectrometer


  • Configurable and expandable with various modules
  • Developed by scientists for scientists
  • Intuitive control through integrated software
  • Robust and reliable
  • plug-in concept

Contact: Thomas Walter


Sci-Trace is a configurable LIBS research system that offers maximum flexibility for your experiments. It consists of an instrument cabinet and a LIBS interaction chamber mounted on an optical workbench. In addition, the plug-in concept allows the user to easily expand the system, ensuring the compatibility of all components.

The system is not only versatile but also user-friendly. Intuitive software controls all elements, from sample manipulation to setting the active components to spectra acquisition and processing.

Sci-Trace is the ideal solution for researchers looking for a flexible and powerful tool for their LIBS experiments. It allows the combination of different techniques such as double-pulsed LIBS, LIBS+LIFS, NIR spectroscopy and Raman in a single system

What is LIBS?

LIBS is a modern analysis technique that uses a laser pulse to quickly determine the chemical composition of the sample. It is an effective combination of laser ablation and emission spectroscopy.

Benefits of LIBS

  • Fast determination of the elemental composition
  • High resolution 2D chemical mapping, visualization of surface heterogeneity
  • Depth profiling of multi-layer materials
  • Visibility of light elements


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