LIBS interaction chamber


  • Scientific vacuum and LIBS systems
  • simulates atmospheric conditions
  • Adaptable to your application
  • Modular
  • Full automation & partial automation possible
  • Laser safety guaranteed
  • Intuitive simple software

Contact: Thomas Walter

The LIBS vacuum interaction chamber is part of a complete LIBS system, the Sci-Trace. This can also be customized individually for your application. The spectrum ranges from very simple vacuum capsules to complete scientific systems for your investigation purposes.

This LIBS interaction chamber was designed in such a way that the routine procedures required for LIBS measurements were either simplified or even automated, which enables the application of LIBS in all areas. In general, modifications to the system are possible in order to adapt it to your scientific experiments.

What is LIBS

LIBS is a modern analysis technique that uses a laser pulse to quickly determine the chemical composition of the sample. It is an effective combination of laser ablation and emission spectroscopy.

Benefits of LIBS

  • Fast determination of the elemental composition
  • High resolution 2D chemical mapping, visualization of surface heterogeneity
  • Depth profiling of multi-layer materials
  • Visibility of light elements


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