Broadband CARS laser

  •   Generation of frequency combs
  •   Mid-IR imaging
  •   selective excitation of molecular states


With the company's CARS laser leukos both the pump beam and the Stokes beam come from a laser. The special thing about this laser is the wide spectrum, which goes from 1064-2400nm or 532-1000nm.
With this type of broadband CARS spectroscopy, spectra from 100 to over 4000 cm-1 can be measured with just one laser shot. Thanks to the sub-ns pulse lengths, the later CARS system is very robust, compact and relatively inexpensive. The adjustment work is reduced from days to minutes.
Subsequent readjustment of the delay line is not necessary due to the pulse length.

Regarding a suitable delay line, see under 'Delay line for CARS lasers‘.



Repetition rate


beam quality

< 1.2

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CARS Lasers

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