• High-end miniature module with electronics
  • Large wavelength range in a single module
  • OEM integration support
  • Low costs for large quantities
  • SDK is provided

Contact person: Wolf Wagner (Ph.D.)


An OEM model of the quantum cascade lasers (QCL) made by Block Engineering is also available. The four different sQCL laser models can each be tuned over 250 cm-1 and can cover the tuning range of 5.3 -12.8 µm. Electronics and control are mounted above the extremely compact laser module, ideal for integration into a system or a gas sensor. Software is available for full operation and integration.



laser type

diode laser

Wavelength tunable

5.4 - 12.8 µm

peak power

up to 500mW

Repetition rate

Up to 3MHz

line width

2 cm⁻¹

Pulse duration

30 – 300ns


  • Compact OEM lasers for easy integration into IR measurement devices
  • Triggerable
  • With software package
  • New tuning ranges are constantly updated
Specifications sQCL
tuning range (cm-1) 250
from total range (µm) 5.3 - 12.8
Refresh rate (MHz) to 3
Max Peak Power (mW) 100 – 500
Line width signal (cm-1) 2
Pulse duration (ns) 30 – 300


  • MID-IR spectroscopy
  • Photothermal Imaging
  • gas sensors
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