3D Scanner – Smarttech 3D-ON


  • Representation of complete shapes in 3D
  • Basic system for digitization purposes
  • Suitable for smallest objects
  • High resolution, precision and accuracy Accurate reproduction of fine details such as edges
  • Stereoscopic measuring system for maximum results
  • Semi-automatic measurements can be carried out
  • Calibration according to VDI/VDE 263

Contact person: Mr. Michael Zerbin

The Smarttech-3D-ON scanning system is characterized by its stereoscopic measuring principle, particularly for the digitization of objects. Particular emphasis is placed on the detailed reproduction of the 3D model. This system is characterized by low measurement noise and a particularly error-free and sharp edge representation. The design of the Smarttech 3D-ON as a semi-automatic to automated system also offers an excellent opportunity to integrate a quality station, adapted to your process.

Technically, an LED-based light source with different wavelengths depending on the scanner is used. This light is processed by various mechanisms in the system, ultimately creating a 3D image. This image can be further processed in the software as desired.

The Company Smarttech3D specializes in the production of state-of-the-art scanning systems. These can be used for any application. Simple quality controls in the context of parts production, the digitization of antique objects such as vases, coins, sculptures and use in criminalistics are conceivable here.


  • Quality control
  • digitalization
  • archeology


  • Creating a 3D model
  • Digitization of ancient objects
  • Comparison of shapes of castings


  • Turntable up to 500mm, 30KG max. weight
  • Quality station

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