Fiber laser SF 1900 – 2100 nm

  • gas detection
  • material processing
  • Multi Photon Absorption
  • Scientific Research

Contact person: Wolf Wagner (Ph.D.)

Due to the individual absorption properties of materials such as plastics, silicon, some organic materials and metals, lasers with emission at 2 µm are preferred for investigations. Therefore, find these lasers from AdValue Photonics often used in the plastics sector, in semiconductors and in minimally invasive medicine.

The systems are offered both as a narrow-band seed laser and with a fiber post-amplifier. The central emission wavelength can be tuned to the application in the range 1900 -2100 nm and is then fixed. Optionally, these lasers can be narrow-band tuned over a range of 0.3 nm


1900 to 2100 nm

Repetition rate


Pulse duration

30 - 180ns

Average power:

20mW - 5W

line width



  • Central wavelength: selectable in the range of 1900 to 2100 nm
  • Average power: 20mW to 10W
  • Single frequency with <50 kHz linewidth
  • Optionally tunable over 0.3 nm


  • gas sensors
  • Spectroscopy
  • Research

Data Sheets

AdValue - CW Fiber Laser AP-CW1

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