SM Metrology Systems

  • Roughness measuring device
  • Resolution: 1nm
  • Meets all common standards (ISO, DIN)
  • Mobile measuring system with Bluetooth and battery
  • Reports ready-made or freely designed

Contact person: Mr. Michael Zerbin

The new LITEsurf roughness measuring device is the simplest model in the series and is the result of SM Metrology Systems' forty years of experience in the development of such devices. It is ideal for measurements directly on work platforms or in production machines.

Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth and USB connection, the LITEsurf can be connected quickly and intuitively to smartphones, tablets and PCs. So you can easily use and share the information with the free “Roughness Studio Basic” app. The device makes it possible to measure details horizontally, vertically and from above and below. Every area of the workpiece can be measured using the 90° rotatable button.

The robust body made of light metal, combined with a PC/ABS shell, guarantees rigidity and shock resistance. In addition, the sophisticated charging system ensures an autonomy of 10 hours and at least 300 measurements in 50 minutes.


Versatile measuring directions:

  • Horizontal measurements
  • Vertical measurements
  • Lateral measurements

Robustness and reliability:

  • High rigidity
  • High impact resistance

Creation of individual reports:

  • Adding descriptions and notes
  • Inclusion of photos of the measured details
  • Storage in common formats (PDF, Excel)

Efficient power management:

  • Full charge in just 50 minutes
  • Guaranteed 10 hours of continuous operation
  • Possibility of at least 300 roughness measurements per load


  • Defects on surfaces
  • Roughness on polished surfaces
  • Roughness in openings
  • Roughness at the base of the tooth


  • Granite and aluminum stand (motorized/non-motorized)
  • Printer
  • different stylus for roughness and profile measurements
  • Printer (Bluetooth)

data sheet

LITEsurf data sheet

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