laser safety goggles

  • certified according to EN 207/208
  • For industry, medicine and research & development
  • Also suitable for people who wear glasses


It is now difficult to keep track of the number of filters and frames for laser safety goggles available on the market. The variety of available models is too great. However, this does not necessarily make it easier for the customer to select the right model.

Because when choosing the laser protection, it is important that the protection fits 100% to the laser model used. The correct wavelength range alone does not guarantee a reliable protective effect. Likewise, the laser power or pulse energy, repetition rate and, most importantly, the pulse duration must be taken into account. Plastic filters are now available for many wavelengths, which are more comfortable to wear than mineral glass filters due to their lower weight.

We would be happy to advise you on which protection solution is right for you and, for example, according to which DIN-GS standard the glasses must be tested.

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