Tunable mid-IR short pulse laser

  • Generation of frequency combs
  •  Mid-IR imaging
  •  selective excitation of molecular states

Contact person: Wolf Wagner (Ph.D.)


Basis of the tunable femtosecond mid-IR laser from femtum is a post-amplified, mode-locked laser at 2800 nm with < 500 fs. Its output beam is coupled into a special shifter fiber.

A soliton wave is created there, which is initially amplified and whose wavelength shifts further towards IR with the length of the shifter fiber and depending on the diode current of the fiber pump light.

The user sets the wavelength in the range of 2800 – 3400 nm via the diode current.

Work is done in quais cw mode at 35 MHz, single pulse energies of up to 30 nJ are achieved with a bandwidth of 10 - 75 nm.


laser type

fiber laser

Wavelength tunable

2.8 - 3.4 µm

Repetition rate

~ 35MHz

line width

10 – 75 nm

Average power:


Pulse duration



  • Air-cooled femtosecond fiber laser with 500 fs with a central wavelength of 2.8 µm and an average power of up to 1 W
  • Optionally, the laser power is coupled into a special shifter fiber. Here a soliton wave is generated whose wavelength is shifted towards IR depending on the fiber length and the fiber pump light
Specifications pump laser shifter output
Wavelength (µm) 2,8 2,8 – 3,4
Refresh rate (MHz) 35 35
Pulse energy (nJ) 1 – 30 1 – 30
line width (nm) 10 – 75 10 – 75
Pulse duration (fs) < 500 < 500


  • MID-IR spectroscopy
  • frequency comb
  • Super continuum generation


  • Femtosecond laser at 2.8 µm becomes tunable over 2.8 -3.4 µm with optional shifter fiber
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