Diode-pumped kHz lasers

  • Wafer singulation
  • Cutting Sapphire or Flex Circuits
  • Micro Stereolithography
  • Drilling circuit boards

Contact person: Dr. Wolf Dieter Wagner

Diode pumped q-switched UV laser from Advanced Optowave are available as Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4 and Nd:YLF versions with wavelengths 355 nm and 351 nm respectively. For applications with higher pulse energy and lower repetition rates the choice is Nd:YAG and Nd:YLF , for cases at higher average power and higher frequencies Nd:YVO4 is better.

There are many different models available with power range 0.5 W up to 15 W, below 5 W they are air cooled. AOC lasers are well prepared for integration into a laser machining system. More than 1000 lasers have been supplied to the industry so far.


266nm, 351nm, 355nm, 527nm, 532nm

Average power:

>0.5W, >2W, >4W, >6W, >8W, >20W

Repetition rate

0-200kHz, 0-20kHz, 0-50kHz, 0-300kHz

Pulse duration

10ns, 15ns, 20ns, 25ns, 30ns, 40ns


  • Variable repetition rates 0-300 kHz externally triggerable
  • A change in the repetition rate causes a change in the pulse duration and mean power; diagrams are provided for this
  • Each laser is optimized for a specific repetition rate
  • Beam attenuation can be adjusted via the duty cycle of the external trigger
  • There are models with air or water cooling depending on the performance


Specifications awave
AONano Compact
AONano Precision
AONano Compact
Wavelength (nm) 1064 532 532 355 355 263
Refresh rate (Hz) 0 – 50 0 – 300 0 – 300 0 – 300 0 – 300 0 – 15
Average power (W) 15@20kHz 10@40kHz 25@50kHz 5@30kHz 15@50kHz 1@3kHz
Pulse duration (ns) 30@1kHz 20@40kHz 30@50kHz 25@30kHz 15@50kHz 40@3kHz
Beam quality M² 1,3 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2
cooling Water Air Water Air Water Water


  • lithography
  • Flex cutting
  • Waver singulation
  • Via triplet
  • laser marking


  • Special optimization of repetition rate, pulse energy and pulse duration for industrial processes
  • Beam expander of your choice mounted at the laser output
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